Self-assessment test & implementation plan

To get the most out of the toolkit, you are recommended to start by completing the SELF-ASSESSMENT TEST
which gives the starting point and helps in the preparation of the tailored implementation plan.

Self-assessment test & implementation plan

The self-assessment test and the implementation plan are targeted at hospital professionals who want to start or improve an HB-HTA unit. This tool aims to assist respondents in:

  1. establishing the starting point for hospitals who want to set up an HB-HTA unit and/or to analyse the level of performance of an already existing HB-HTA unit;
  2. identifying strengths and areas for improvement of HB-HTA units; and
  3. developing an action plan, based on the self-assessment test results.

How does it work?

This tool has two sections: the self-assessment test and the implementation plan. We recommend taking the self-assessment test at the very first encounter with the AdHopHTA toolkit as well as later on (periodically) in order to keep track of the achievements of and improvements in the HB-HTA unit.

Filling in the self-assessment test and generating the implementation plan should take a maximum of 25-30 minutes.
Read more about the self-assessment test
Read more about the implementation plan
Take the test!

Implementation plan

The results of the self-assessment test will give you a sense of the current gaps in the functioning of your HB-HTA unit. This will serve as the basis for developing an implementation plan to help you to achieve the guiding principles not yet attained. The implementation plan will be generated automatically based on the results of the self-assessment and will be tailored to your hospital context.

Self-assessment test

The self-assessment test covers the 4 dimensions and 15 guiding principles for good practices in HB-HTA units. Under each guiding principle you will find several statements. You have to score your compliance with each statement on a scale from 0 to 3, where 0 means “We do not comply with the statement at all” and 3 means “We fully comply with the statement”.

The result of the self-assessment test will be displayed as follows:

Self-assessment results screenshot
Figure 1 . Example of a self-assessment test result for dimension 1
Self-assessment results screenshot
Figure 2 . Example of a self-assessment test result - results by dimensions

You will obtain a percentage score per each dimension as well as an overall score for the CORE guiding principles (i.e. essential requirements for founding of and running HB-HTA units) and the remaining guiding principles (for further improvement and optimisation of HB-HTA units).