Welcome to the toolkit
for hospital-based Health Technology Assessment (HB-HTA)

Guidance and tools facilitating pragmatic application of guiding principles for good practices in HB-HTA units.
This toolkit is based on the HANDBOOK for HB-HTA developed by the AdHopHTA project.

The guiding principles for good practices are
grouped into 4 dimensions

HTA unit

The 4 dimensions
of hospital-based HTA activity

The Toolkit for HB-HTA is devised to help you in setting up your HB-HTA unit or improving its performance, following the guiding principles for good practices developed by the AdHopHTA project.
To get the most out it, you are recommended to start by completing the SELF-ASSESSMENT TEST which gives the starting point and helps in the preparation of the tailored implementation plan. You may also display the GUIDING PRINCIPLES or the associated TOOLS for establishing or improving your HB-HTA activity.

Dimension 1

The assessment process

Guidance and tools for designing, managing, carrying out, reviewing and improving the assessment process to generate valuable, tailored information for hospital decision-makers.

Dimension 2

Leadership, strategy and partnerships

Guidance and tools for facilitating active leadership, ensuring strategic relationships both within hospital and with key partners as well as deploying a clear HB-HTA unit strategy.

Dimension 3


Guidance and tools for ensuring support for all the activities performed by the HB-HTA unit.

Dimension 4


Guidance and tools for measuring the impact of the HB-HTA unit in relation to its mission.